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The readyclaim enterprise product has been developed for the SME sector for organisations of one to 25 employees. It is only available as an option to commercial buildings and contents insurance policies through selected insurers and brokers. The enterprise product is a compact version of the successful Parago Asset Management System that has over 1,400 users throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and Caribbean.

readyclaim is a cost effective alternative to recording your company assets in a spread sheet or accounts ledger. These antiquated tools have little asset management user functionality, and are not designed to help in the event of an insurance claim. A readyclaim enterprise account will ensure you are insured for the correct sum, and enable your company to make a fast track claim…avoiding any hassle or cost to your business.

You simply create a virtual image of your workplace, and add assets within with the aid of asset icons. You can then add photos of individual assets, and we recommend you take at least two photos of each room and area. This can be done through an internet connected PC, laptop and/or Android/iPhone. readyclaim enables the user to record all the required information for an insurance claim, plus accounting and other warranty/maintenance information.

Your readyclaim account has a CSV importer/exporter for transferring data to an accounting product or spread sheet. It also has a reporting module that enables you to customise reports. You can also allow your insurer access to your account in the event of a claim.

For more details about insurers who include or include the option of readyclaim enterprise to their commercial policies email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Your account data is secure and accessible at any time.

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